Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blogger Help

For a few weeks now, my personal information hasn't been appearing in the upper right of this blog. I emailed Blogger, then the material was right for about two days; but it has now reverted to putting the information at the very bottom right of the blog. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you. It could be that the Donald Miller fans are hacking me. -- Doug Groothuis


Weekend Fisher said...

It'll most likely be a problem with your template. If you've recently made changes, that will most likely be what did it.

Probably the easiest way to fix might be to just reset it. If you sign on to blogger, then from the view where you can see/edit all your posts choose the "Template" tab. You'll be where you edit your template with "Edit current" as the default selection underneath the rob of tabs but above where you edit the template. First before you make any changes go find where you have your personal info in your template (you can just search for your name there, then cut and paste that bit over into another document for safekeeping, or even cut & paste the whole template somewhere for safekeeping). Then probably easiest is switch your screen from "Edit current" (template) to "Pick new" (template) -- so click on "Pick new" and just re-select the same template you started with. (I think you're using "Minima" right now but not 100% sure of it.) After you've switched over the template, you'll have to edit it one more time and put your personal info back in -- if you've saved it off to that text file for safekeeping that will be pretty quick.

I like your blog, if you'd rather have a walk-through (or have a geek like me take care of it) let me know and we'll work out something. A change that small would be a freebie just 'cause I like your blog.

Michael Russell said...

Back before man discovered his opposable thumbs, I used Blogger and, in fact, the same template you are using. From time to time I would encounter the problem you are experiencing and found it was related to a code that was too long for the column - which for me was the right-hand one. It may be that some of your longer links - such as
- are the problem.

There is an easy cure but it does require thumbs.

Or maybe it's something entirely different. But I'd try my fix before messing with the template.

Exile from GROGGS said...

The second comment is right - though I did have problems as per the first comment on mine when I fiddled with it.

The shortcut:
hasn't been broken by the template for hyphenation - which means that it is overrunning into the next column - which means that the template (in IE) decides that the next column doesn't have enough room next to the main one, and shuffles it down below it.

To sort this out, what I would suggest is, rather than posting the whole link in the text (which also upsets the flow of what you are writing unnecessarily) you could post it as a link. In the "Create Post" window, along the top of the text box where you type, there are six icons. If you click on the third one (hovering gives the hint "insert link"), you can enter the url of what you want to link to. This will enter the link as an HTML link. Anything you type between the angled brackets "> in here <" will be the link to this HTML address.

Exile from GROGGS said...

Like this.

Frank Walton said...

This always happens. It's nothing new. It happened to me in my blog, too.

Also, it doesn't happen to all computers. There are some computers that can actually see your profile in the upper right hand corner when you can't. Sometimes, all you have to do is make your "text size" small and you'll see it go back up.

Furthermore, the more you post blogs you may end up having your profile go back up.

All in all, it happens and it's really no biggie.