Saturday, October 01, 2005

Letter to The NY Times about Kenneth Woodward's article, "Evolution as Zero-Sum Game" (October 1, 2005)


Kenneth Woodward is right that some Christians are Darwinists. However, he has not given any arguments that the two perspectives are compatible, except to quote the Pope (who has no authority over Protestants) and to appeal to his own beliefs. Darwinism claims that all of life can be adequately accounted for without any designing intelligence. Chance and necessity do all the "creating." Intelligent causes are ruled out. Yet the Christian Scriptures claim that God is evident in God's creation through God’s works of design. God is not undetectable or merely the object of blind faith. Further, Woodward is wrong to claim that ID theorists deny "evolutionary processes like mutation and natural selection." Rather, they claim that these mechanisms, while explaining some aspects of biology (microevolution), are scientifically insufficient for explaining the entirely of the biosphere (macroevolution).

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D.

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