Saturday, September 17, 2005

New York Times Article on "Christian Yoga" Quotes Curmudgeon

Here is a New York Times article from September 17, 2005 on "Christian yoga." It briefly quotes me, but doesn't completely capture what I said to the reporter. But it isn't that bad, given some previous experiences with the press. This is the gist of what I told her, which was only partially captured in the story.

"If it is really Christianity and it is really yoga, the two are incompatible because they represent two opposing worldviews."

Yesterday I was asked to be video taped for comments on the same topic for some national news production company. I declined for reasons my loyal readers will probably understand. The story would have been a whopping 2.5 minutes and they would taken a few "sound bites" for my "perspective." My perspective cannot be captured in soundbites, however, and it might have been distorted in the process, as has happened to me in the past.

Here is my Christianity Today article from last November on Christian and Eastern meditation: Dangerous Meditations - Christianity Today Magazine

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