Wednesday, September 14, 2005 Reviews

Since the late 1990s, I have been writing reviews for in my spare time and mostly for fun. However, there is a purpose in my writing, as one may detect. I take these reviews seriously (I even go back and edit them now that these feature is available) and try to make some philosophical and theological points, usually a bit indirectly. Amazon has censored a few of my more overt comments about morality and Christianity, sad to say. I once briefly cracked the "top 1000 reviewers" a few years ago. I must have had too much time on my hands. Anyway, if anyone is interested in these 107 reviews on books, music, and one movie ("Babette's Feast"), you may go here:

Amazon is a very mixed bag, but a decent percentage of the reviews are serious. What think ye of this endeavor? Have you done it? Is there any point to it (beyond helping Amazon sell products)?


Der F├╝rsprecher said...

Dr. Groothuis,

I have written a few reviews at Amazon as well (although I haven't written nearly as many as you have):

Although I haven’t had the time to write any additional reviews as of late, I still think it is helpful for consumers to have reviews written at a site of commerce (like Amazon) that are comparable in quality to journal published reviews.

Just my 2 cents.

stc said...

I have written several reviews on, notably on two books by my favourite scholar, James DG Dunn. (The two books are Jesus, Paul, and the Law, and Dunn's commentary on Romans in the WBC series.)

I did it partly because I just like writing, and partly for the benefit of people considering the books — because these are books I highly recommend.

Adam Omelianchuk said...

I read all of them. I like it. Keep it up.

Mine are here:

Phil Steiger said...

I have found many reviews on Amazon to be helpful. Obviously there are hacks out there, but if I am looking for a new author or at a book I am considering for purchase, the reviews go a long way in helping me get a feel for the quality and purpose of the text.

Yours have been very helpful!