Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Constructive Curmudgeon Awards

Drum roll. . . . I now announce the 2009 Constructive Curmudgeon Awards, in no particular order and in consultation with no one besides myself. I note the good and the bad.

1. Most refreshing young writer on the church: Francis Chan, for his books Crazy Love and Forgotten God. These, while written gently, will shake you up for the good.

2. Best jazz CD: "Mostly Coltrane," by Steve Kuhn (piano), featuring Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone). Recorded on the inimitable ECM label, the quartet explores Coltrane pieces (and others) with tact, fire, beauty, and reverence.

3. Best science book: Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer. This tome is nothing less than a magisterial tour de force in the philosophy of science, pertaining to the origin of life on earth. It is a watershed book for the Intelligent Design movement. The Darwinists' carping against it has typically been both comical and pathetic. They are like ants spitting at a lion.

4. Worst politicians: This is a three-way tie: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. Their incomparable incompetence, towering arrogance, and moral bankruptcy is both breath-taking and nauseating. America is far worse for the wear; they are reducing our liberties to rubble.

5. Best student comment in my classes (undergraduate): In responding to the error of ethical relativism, young Nick K. shook his head and said, "They [the relativists] couldn't even know themselves." Teachers can live a few weeks on such remarks.

6. Worse ongoing cultural trend (barring big moral issues): tatoos.

7. Best political book: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. An expert on the Constitution, Levin outlines the basic framework of American liberty and how it is being threatened by the Obama onslaught.

8. Most ominous political event: The very real possibility of abortion on demand supported by our tax dollars. This is a watershed issue and may be a turning point in American history.

9. Ignoramuses of the year: All those who blinded their eyes and shut their ears to the jihadism of the Mount Hood murderer who executed 14 innocent people while shouting, "Allah is great."

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