Sunday, July 29, 2007

YouTube U for You!

In the spirit of digital democracy, the noble amateur, and the subversion of all axiological hierarchies, we are launching YouTube University for You! You pay nothing. You determine Your studies. You are in charge. You chart Your future. Here is how it works for You.

Design a program of YouTube videos to watch--on anything You want! They could be on deconstruction or Paris Hilton or epistemology or Brittany Spears. It doesn't matter. Who are we to tell You what to study?! Then You make ten YouTube videos of Your own that show that You have received visual impressions and acoustic blastes from these videos. You, of course, are the star of these videos. If one thousand people watch each of Your ten videos, You will be awarded a YouTube University diploma, signed by no one, but frameable--and worth nothing.

But it's all for You, the autovideophilic citizen of YouWorld.


Anonymous said...

:) ... more cultural jamming! -Of course, many will miss the humor and be greatly offended.

Anonymous said...

There's already where you can listen to whatever lectures you want, but they're by top teachers and expensive if you pay for them.