Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday To It

The Constructive Curmudgeon is now two years old. (That's 558 posts, counting this one.) I have presented:

1. Parodies (which have sometimes been taken seriously)
2. Essays
3. Book reviews
4. Movie reviews (maybe one)
5. Advertisements for my speaking and other events
6. Poems
7. Links
8. Offers to send free electronic files to folks
9. Reposting from other sites occasionally.
10. Assorted other curmudgeonly musings.

The terrible twos are nothing to laugh at, of course. So, give me your most serious, profound, and shocking thoughts on two years of curmudgeonly blogging, if you dare.


Jon said...

Your blog was part of the inspiration for me to create my own blog. It also helps me to feel somewhat connected to the seminary during my absence.
You are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! Your thoughts are a gift to the church.

Jeff S. said...

Sometimes when I have a few minutes at work I'll check for something new down at the curmudgeon. I have two PC's at my desk so often I'll just leave the screen up as I go about my day on PC #2. Sometimes I get interesting comments from people who wander into my cube from time to time, reading the headlines from your posts. It even breaks the ice on occasion for them to tell me a little something about themselves. Much better than discussing computer networking all day!

And as a side note... the parodies are excellent!