Saturday, July 21, 2007

Douglas Groothuis Lectures on Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam

[The lectures are listed on The Next Level Church web page, but are not working yet. I'll check into it. Stay tuned.]

Would you like to know the basics of three major world religions, as well as hearing a theological and philosophical critique of them from a Christian perspective?

Two of my lectures to The Next Level Sunday night meetings are now on line. They are 1.5 hour introductions and critiques of Hinduism and Buddhism (one talk) from July 8, 2007 and Islam from July 15. You have to scroll down a bit to get to them. They are the third and fourth talks in a four-part series.

I can send you detailed lecture outlines for each one if you wish. Email me at


Benjamin Ho said...

Hi Dr Groothius. If you don't mind, you could send a copy of the outline to my email at - i'm a Singaporean btw. thanks!

Kevin Winters said...

I'd be interested on how you interpret Buddhism.

Fletcher said...


If I remember correctly, on a post some time ago I think you had mentioned that you are Mormon. Is that a fact, or am I mistaken?

If it is a fact, I was wondering if you would like to discuss Mormonism in some fashion (email or otherwise).


D. A. Armstrong said...

I had hoped that those sermons would be on the internet. I figured since it was at a church, they would be posting them sooner or later.

Yossman said...

The download links at to the two Groothuis lectures do not seem to work.

I'd be grateful to get the outlines at

Thanks a lot!

Kevin Winters said...


Yes, I am and I would be glad to discuss it with anyone who is willing. I must warn you, though, my time is strained as it is between work, school, thesis writing, conferences, etc. Just expect long delays between responses. You have my email. :o)

Kevin Winters said...

While we wait for the sermons themselves, Groothuis, did you make any distinctions at all between the three schools of Buddhism because not all fit within the generalizations you give. Understanding that it is not a forum where you could get into too many specifics, I'm not sure you've really understood Buddhism.

Douglas Groothuis said...

All schools believe in the Four Noble Truths. I did say there was some diversity, but could not make too much of it.

Kevin Winters said...

I've started the first of a series of posts on Buddhism, as someone who is very interested in it and would like to go into more depth. Just an FYI for anyone who is interested.