Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jonathan Wells to Debate on the Michael Medved Show

[This is from the Discovery Institute listserve. I debated Mooney on a Boulder public radio station in August of 2006. He was sneering and presented no real arguments. He should have his hands full with Dr. Wells.]

Authors to Debate Darwinism vs. Design on National Radio Program, Friday Sept. 15

Mark your calendars for 1pm PST tomorrow. You won't want to miss this one. Biologist Jonathan Wells will debate blogger Chris Mooney on the science behind Darwinism and intelligent design. They will be the guests on The Michael Medved Show from 1-2pm PST. Visit Medved's station finder page to find the station in your local area. The program is broadcast live all over the country, so if you want to ask questions, the call-in number for Medved's show is 1-800-955-1776.


Timo_the_Osprey said...

Medved may not have the showmanship that Limbaugh and Savage have, or the numbers that Hannity enjoys, but I think he has the best program on radio.

What sets him apart is the care with which he develops his arguments.

In any case, I'd encourage anyone tuning in today for the Wells debate to occasionally listen on other days too.

Fletcher said...

My link is wrong, go here!

Fletcher said...

This was quite a narrow conversation, not much development of the arguments on either side.

Too many commercials and interruptions.

Most of Moonie's arguments were responded with a "that's not true" by Wells, but he did not have the opportunity to develop explanations.

One caller asked "name one single experiment that proves [macro]evolution" and Moonie said exactly what I believe is true of ID. He said something to the effect of "It is believed as true by science due to an accumulation of evidences and observations, there is not one single test to prove it because it is so multi-faceted".

Yeah, that's why I believe you can test for ID as well. What Dr. G calls "the cumulative case argument".

It was also interesting that most of the callers were pro-ID.

Timo_the_Osprey said...

Yes, it is too bad the "debate" never really got off the ground.

I had never heard Moonie before but he came off as appropriately modest on the program. If I were to have called in, though, I would have reminded him that neither science nor philosophy is done by counting noses.

(I'm surprised nobody called in to hassle Wells about his connection to Sun Myung Moon and Unification.
A quick google search reveals some strange bio facts about Wells...)

Ed Darrell said...

Lowdown on Wells: