Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bush on Heaven

Well, I have already suspended by blog holiday (briefly). Brooks Alexander alerted me to this clip of George Bush speaking of who goes to heaven. Apparently, just about everyone does. True, this exchange is less than two minutes of "conversation" and it is television; but, nevertheless, one would expect better from a self-described Christian.


staggered in joy and awe said...
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Tom said...

So where in the interview with Billy Graham did he say that there are many roads to heaven?

And whatever Billy did say, I might think that the appropriate response would not involve such ridicule. Hasn't his long, faithful journey earned him that much?

SingingOwl said...

Bush was doing well...till that one question.

As for Billy Graham, I agree with Tom. It seems that his long, faithful service, and his constant pointing to the cross should far outweigh a comment in Newsweek. He is right. We do not know who goes to Heaven, and we should leave that to God. DOes that mean I do not believe Jesus is THE way, THE truth, THE life? No. I do believe that, and I believe B.G. does too.

But there are questions we may not understand, or be able to answer, till we know as we are known.

staggered in joy and awe said...

Well put. BG certainly has had a long incredible go of ministry. But sadly, he -- as opposed to his kids -- apparently could not state when asked -- not of individuals -- but of the status of other religions -- that there is no assurance given -- none whatsoever -- for those apart from Christ. That salvation is in Christ Jesus alone.

That is sad. Make it tragic. Think of the millions he has influenced here with his stature. Think of the masses he has enabled to be content in their current heavenly-view. The Bible would indicate it is a dangerous thing to grow old -- even when one has been incredibly faithful in their days of vigor. And especially when one has a great platform.

And so I can write a prayer of frustration unto my Savior when he is misrepresented. But the greater frustration expressed here is expanded to the Imago Dei -- that is people made in God's image yet still overwhelmingly possessing our great proclivity to turn our backs on God.

Especially leadership in the church at large today. It is a giant tidal wave across the land. They would rather take passages on the beauty and splendor of Christ and his cross and invert them turning Christ into an ornament or worse as they pursue how to improve oneself as a human being -- which is entirely Laodicea.

But every breath alloted to us, every heartbeat, is of grace. Is of the cross -- now and forevermore. For it is in Christ alone that we live and breathe and have any, let alone all, of our being. But the church in America for the most part has become enamored with the five lost churches of Revelation -- hence the concern that goes far beyond Bush and Graham.

If we're going to get something about faith wrong -- let it not be the cross of Christ for all peoples, for it is at the cross that it becomes most apparent that God is most staggering beautiful in his glorious splendor.