Tuesday, May 21, 2013


How to get smarter:

1. Make and listen to distinctions such as "all," "some," "most," "always," "never," and others. This keeps you from noetic nuttiness.
2. Realize that ideas have logical implications. They do not stand alone.
3. Know that a true statement must agree with every other true statement.
4. Learn the basic deductive arguments and formal fallacies.
5. Take times of silence regularly in which you can think about things that matter most.
6. Try to discern the worldview of authors, speakers, and friends. If you don't know what a worldview is, then read James Sire, The Universe Next Door, and dozens of other books.
7. Go on a media abstention. You stop using one or more electronic media and note the effect this has on you. And, please, do not say I am a hypocrite for saying this on an electronic medium. That would show you really need to get smarter.
8. Read and study the Bible regularly.
9. Read books and magazines over your head. Then, try to reach up and grab them.
10. Learn new words you come across.

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