Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Philosophy of Card Writing

Work on my handwriting. Use a fountain pen.
Write friends, family, and also strangers who interest me: musicians, writers, artists. Try to plant a seed of truth.
Find the most interesting art cards available.
Use art stickers on the back as well. I just started doing this.
Pray over cards before sending them--and after.
Include my business cards, if writing to an academic. I just wrote one of that nature tonight.
Ponder by myself in my chair in the basement who I should write.
Use a dictionary, since there is no spell check!
Sometimes include a postcard within the card, if I like the photograph or painting.

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dad said...

2nd attempt @ posting.Heard you speak @Crossroads Baptist, reading your book.Any public speaking forums scheduled for you that I might attend? Would also like to know of any podcasts of interviews with you that I can download to listen to on my ipod.Already have Tuesday Morning,Eternity Impact, Crossroads
Baptist,and Appologetics 315. john schweizer