Sunday, January 13, 2013

Youth Insanity

There is no good reason to have video games in the youth room of a church. They get too much of that elsewhere. Let church be a place that is different, reverent: a place to learn and pray and praise--and not, for God's sake, a place to be further distracted. I taught in a room today that had six video screens, and I had to kick out (politely) give kids playing video games. Should be ape the insanity of our culture? No, we must expose it.

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Katie said...

I feel the very same. Raising 3 sons over the past 20 years we have struggled to find meaningful, discipleship oriented youth programs. It was discouraging, most of the time our sons weren't involved with the 'official' youth programs, they lowered our standards too much. They served, like young adults, and they were ruined for mamby pamby entertainment church... they grew discerning. It is a sad day when you have to resist worldliness in Church. Good thoughts. A couple typos that may need to be edited, or perhaps I just didn't understand. ;)