Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Eleven Items of Infamy

To those who "like" Obama, you like:

1. Abortion on demand, paid for by tax dollars. You also like "partial birth abortions," which Obama supports and would have us pay for if he gets his way
2. Declining freedom of religion, due to statism.
3. Enormous debt with no plan to fix it. We become like Greece in 2-3 years.
4. Cutting our military in a terribly dangerous world.
5. A Constitution viewed 
as a "living document," meaning it is manipulated by the Supreme Court.
6. Marriage re-defined as same-sex and to be supported as such by civil government.
7. More long-term unemployment, due to Keynesian (at best!) principles which always fail. Is this good for "the poor"?
8. Government take over of health care, meaning less choice, more debt, and rationing by state panels.
9. A President who plays golf (over 100 times thus far) more than he meets with his "jobs counsel." (This might be good, though.)
10. A man who wants to cut America down to size and who does not believe in American exceptionalism: that is, liberty under God's law.
11. A man who has never fixed anything, who knows nothing of business or how the private sector works, and who is arrogant beyond belief.

And you have the nerve to "like" this man? If so, do not vote for him. Send him an air kiss instead.


Jay said...

I think you have me with everything except "cutting the military". I can't see where the DOD operating budget has gotten smaller over the past few years. I agree with the Pauls on this one, and by virtue of the lineage of their argument, with Eisenhower. Not every dollar spent on defense is wise or needed.

Forgiven said...

Hi Doug,
Thanks for caring. It's a confusing time. Could you list 10 reasons why I should vote for Mitt Romney?
Thank you.
God Bless...