Monday, January 02, 2012

Christian Apologetics on Amazon

My book, Christian Apologetics has been reviewed 14 times on Amazon, with 13 five-star ratings and one four-star ratings. It has been liked "81" times. If you would like to contribute to this forum, please go to Amazon.

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Craig said...

I waited all day for UPS to deliver to me your book Christian Apologetics. I am reading it now and applaud the vast scope of its material and its conversational tone, and very much appreciate that you are Reformed in your soteriology (a great motivation for having bought the book). While I am much inclined towards Van Til's views that the doctrine of Total Depravity truly does influence the question of apologetics in relation to those dead in sin -the intellect can be appealed to but the fallen mind loves to supress the truth anyways-I at the same time have a great appreciation for evidential arguements and about 30 pages into your book I know already that I will not put it down until the last page! Thanks again for such a gift to both God's people and those outside of His church.