Saturday, December 24, 2011


Special revelation calls to and for general revelation:


General revelation calls to and for special revelation:


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Tim said...

"That which renders the study of Christianity and its evidences so important, is, that Natural Theology, which deals with our first method of demonstrating the existence and character of the God with whom we have to do, is an imperfect science. This I desire to impress upon you as an infinitely more precious lesson than any mere physical truth, however interesting and sublime. The deductions of the natural argument, are, indeed, valuable and accurate as far as they go; but in our peculiar circumstances they do not go far enough. What men call the religion of nature is not a religion for sinners, and on no account must it be reckoned either as a substitute for, or a necessary supplement to, that knowledge which alone maketh men wise unto salvation. Life eternal is not simply to know the true God. It is also to know Jesus Christ whom he hath sent."

Charles Murray Nairne, Atheism and Pantheism (Albany: E. H. Pease & Co., 1848), p. 42.