Saturday, November 12, 2011


Some may wonder why an author is promoting his own book (Christian Apologetics) so much. We are often suspicious of "self-promoters." Let me explain what I am doing and why.

1. The purpose of this blog is not bragging on myself, but rather promoting a work I believe in for the sake of advancing the Kingdom and Mission of God. That is why I spent over eight years writing it.

2. Further, given the rise of the Internet, the old ways of promotion are no longer adequate: adds in magazine, radio interviews, and so on. Much of the interest in books is generated on line, and the author is often the only one available to do this. That is why I started my blog about the book and why I promote the book on my social media.

3. Whatever good one finds in my book, I attribute to God's grace and faithfulness. I did not make up the Christian faith, not can I can credit for the rational defense of it. It is all of grace.


The Atheist Missionary said...

You should not be apologizing. It's a great piece of work and deserves to be disseminated widely.

You haven't converted me yet but I'm only starting chapter 23.

Brad Sickler said...

Hi Doug, I ordered your book and should get it any day. I'm excited, especially as I'm undertaking a similar but shorter project aimed at introducing undergrads to a philosophical apologetics approach. I know yours will be good!