Saturday, October 22, 2011

Favoring Iran

Withdrawl of troop from Iraq is Iran's victory.


Tom said...

Hey Doug,

Given the context (i.e, Iraq's refusal to give immunity from Iragi laws to our troops), what do you think the options were? I'm sincerely asking.

The Daily Fuel said...

There was one easy way not to favor Iran: never go to Iraq in the first place. Your president created the mess. This one is only cleaning up.

The Atheist Missionary said...

I'm a Canadian so I don't have a horse in this race. That being said, one of the only times I have ever written a politician was to congratulate our then Prime Minister Chretien on his decision not to follow the U.S. into Iraq (please remember that Canadian troops are still risking their lives in Afghanistan, with the support of a majority of Canadians).

If Prof. Groothuis has time, I have a few questions about his opposition to Obama's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq:

1. Do you acknowledge that the information which President Bush relied on to invade Iraq (i.e. existence of weapons of mass destruction) was wrong? If so, do you acknowledge that the majority of Americans would not have supported the invasion if they had known that this information was wrong? [Please note that I am not asking whether you would have still favored the invasion because I assume the answer to that question is yes]

2. Do you acknowledge that the majority of Americans now favor the withdrawal?

3. What criteria do you believe should be relied upon by the U.S. Executive branch to disregard the wishes of the majority of its citizens?

4. If Obama were to follow your advice and not withdraw the troops, what would be the aim(s) of the remaining mission, how long would that mission last and how would the aim(s) be accomplished?

5. What are the criteria which you would employ when deciding when the US should invade another country?

6. What should the US response be if the majority of Iraqis favor the imposition of islmaic rule/Sharia law?

7. How do you win a "war on terror"?

In posing these questions, I want you to know that I am almost certain that the US has done nothing to further its national interests nor the welfare of the Iraqi people by invading Iraq. In fact, the invasion has probably created thousands of terrorists. I concede that a dictator has been deposed but I trust that you will agree that the world has plenty of dictators. In any event, I am most interested to hear answers to these questions from a leading Christian theologian.

Thanks for your attention and consideration. TAM.

P.S. I am really enjoying your Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith. Very well written.