Friday, March 11, 2011

Slowing Down Communication

Consider slowing down and simplifying your communication. Invest more time and thought into your messages by writing cards by hand, picking out cards of artistic excellence. Instead of texting, try speaking to people (and without background music). Ponder the possibility of listening to a piece of music with someone in silence, then discussing that work.

Try not to interrupt people; allow for silence to season the conversation. Become more Italian and learn the art of convivio (conviviality): conversation amidst food and drink (and some wine in moderation).

Narrow down the media; focus on the goodness of a word well-spoken, a line well-written, a soul well-attuned to the life of another creature made in God's image.

Stop yelling, literally or metaphorically. Create silence...because only in this world can truth be imbibed.

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TheGroothuisFactor said...

Dr. G,

Posts like these are among your best. Your insights on media and our surroundings are great.
"Create silence" is an arresting phrase (as it ought be).

Did you read of an aborted philosophy class that Mortimer Adler wanted to teach? He was trying to prepare a course entitled, "the Philosophy of Silence." He aborted the course after thinking it through. Though it was inspired by Wittgenstein's line at the end of the Tractatus, a course on silence in a Kierkegaardian manner could prove illuminating.