Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ban on Slaughtering Humans

A judge does something right for a change! Destroying human embryos violates the commandment not to murder. They are very young and very vulnerable members of our species, part of "the least of these," Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24. To make them means to an only possible end (treatment of disease) is morally and radically wrong.


Joshua said...

This ruling has nothing to do with the moral status of embryos. The ruling was based one what the legislation said about funding for research that would destroy embryos.

Becca Miles said...

Positive Progress is finally progress. The conveluded message that a baby is only a baby when it is able to thrive without help outside the womb is the lie fed to women like me. For a government agency to side with the fetus, instead of the finances is a breath of fresh air. The lungs I breathe that breath in, by the way, developed long before I could live outside my mothers womb. :)