Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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Free access to the most read articles from Think: philosophy for everyone

Think is the home of accessible philosophy. Written by leading philosophers in a lively, engaging and jargon-free style, Think is a superb introduction to a fascinating and varied subject.
In this selection, we've collected together 10 of the most downloaded articles from Think in 2009:

Who designed the designer?: A dialogue on Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion Douglas Groothuis

Why Hobbits Cannot Exist Ben Kotzee and J.P. Smit

Richard Swinburne's Is there a God? Richard Dawkins

A Dialogue on Immortality Mikel Burley

Justice as a Natural Phenomenon Ken Binmore

After my own heart: Dorothy Sayer's Feminism Susan Haack

The Golden Rule Brad Hooker

Morality with and without God Terence Thomas

Could a Machine Think? Stephen Law

Is atheism a faith position? Piers Benn

While perfect for anyone with an interest in Philosophy, Think is also ideal for those studying philosophy at school or college.Think publishes 3 times a year in print and online versions, and is available to schools at a discounted price of $78 in 2010 for a print plus online subscription.To order, please go to the Think homepage or email Cambridge Journals Customer Service.

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