Friday, January 01, 2010

Predictions: 2010

1. There will be further American decline, economically and in foreign policy. Foreign dictators will extend their evils with no American resistance, besides token measures. Joblessness will continue, as will federal takeovers. Global warming based laws will cripple the economy and criticism of global warming will be put in the category of "hate speech" and "holocaust denial," despite the credible science against it.

2. Terrorist attacks at home and abroad will increase. No effective measures will be taken, since political correctness controls the Obama administration.

3. Abortion will become federally funded. Some pro-life people will pay a high price for their civil disobedience, but not many. Many Christians will make their peace with this evil, as so many already did by voting for the most pro-abortion candidate in history, Barack Obama.

4. Obama will move to silence his public opposition through various means. This will be done in the name of fairness and balance, of course.

5. Iran will continue to develop nuclear weapons, unopposed by any real constraint, since Obama has no will or principle in the matter.

6. Israel will become increasingly opposed by America and will have to stand essentially alone against the hostile nations that surround it.

7. The Kingdom of God will continue to advance, despite it all.


Anonymous said...

On spot.

JeffrO said...

#1-#6 are very likely, but #7 is VERY CERTAIN.

Praise our God that in the end ALL heaven and earth will be united in Christ, according to His will -- Eph 1:9-10