Thursday, January 28, 2010

Metro State Atheist Article and my Responses

Metro State Atheists have posted an article saying religious people are schizophrenic. You will find the original article, my response, and a response from the author, and my response to his response.


Steve Schuler said...

Yes, Joel's article probably did not do much to advance the cause of Atheism or bolster an image of the body of Atheism as necessarily being composed of people possessing superior intellect or understanding. I wonder if he has reflected on the absurdity of his silly polemic rant? I suppose I would have to ask him that question if I really want an answer.

Curtis J. Metcalfe said...

Turns out it was all just fun and games, huh, just one big joke? A better sense of humor may be needed if nobody gets it.

Either way, your response was responsible, pithy and entirely correct.

Tim said...

This exchange reminds me of a remark made by Sir Robert Anderson of Scotland Yard in A Doubter’s Doubts about Science and Religion (New York: Gospel Publishing House, 1909), pp. 92-93:

These infidel books habitually assume that, if we refuse their nostrums, superstition is our only refuge. This is quite in keeping with the amazing conceit which characterises them. Wisdom was born with the Agnostics! They have monopolised the meagre stock of intelligence which the evolutionary process has as yet produced for the guidance of the race! But there are Christians in the world who have quite as much sense as they have, who detest superstition as much as they do, and who have far more experience in detecting fallacies and exposing frauds. And if such men are Christians it is not because they are too stupid to become infidels.

It seems that not much has changed in the past hundred years or so.

Sarah Schoonmaker said...

I think the excuse, "this was just a joke" could be added to the top ten list of "how not to lose an argument" or "how to look like a fool in debates." It is especially interesting to note that he didn't alert commenters to this fact with his first response. Fail.