Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book review: The Church of Facebook

See my review of Jesse Rice, The Church of Facebook, published at Denver Journal.


Daniel said...

Really good review! Did you know there is a MOVIE about facebook coming out this year?

I can just think of all of the headaches philosophers of technology are going to have diagnosing this one!

Chris Carroll said...

Good to see you keeping your mind sharp and connected with contemporary culture. Helpful insights for a church planter making decisions about social networking resources that complement efforts to invest in and transform community.

Chris Carroll said...

Good to see you staying sharp and current as we encounter the labyrinth of remaining relevant in the world of "social networking." Miss having access to visiting with personally, but helpful insight is found in your review for a church planter faced with discerning which resources out there may be helpful in facilitating community awareness and transformation.