Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Video of Stephen Meyer

Hear and see Dr. Stephen Meyer speak on "The Signature in the Cell," at the Heritage Foundation. This man is articulate and brilliant.


Paul D. Adams said...

Thanks, Doug.
I've posted to my blog and look forward to reading Dr. Meyer's book.
Clearly he's a champion of the intelligent ID movement.

Sarah Schoonmaker said...

Thanks for posting this! I started "Signature in the Cell" and finished reading a couple articles by Meyer, "A Scientific History--and a Philosophical Defense of the Theory of Intelligent Design" and "The Return of the God Hypothesis" in order to prepare for the DI seminar. It is amazing to me how many individuals misunderstand what ID is arguing for in the first place, myself included on some points.

Neil said...

Hi -- I saw that you banned Ed Darrell from commenting. Good for you! You have used excellent discernment and chosen wisely.