Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Secret of "The Secret" (a very short book review)

The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne)

Turn off your critical mind.
Think only happy thoughts.
Buy only silly books.
Thoughts create anything you think,
if you think what the silly books tell you.

There is no tragedy.
People bring things to themselves by bad thoughts.
Turn off your critical mind.

Six million Jews killed by the Nazis--the result of negative thinking: their own.
250,000,000 untouchable in India today, with no rights, locked into poverty and degradation
--the result of negative thinking: their own.

The Secret: lunacy fueled by selfishness
wedded to a metastasized metaphysics.

Turn on your critical mind.
Turn off The Secret.


SteveFed said...

I agree totally. I found it to be a fine example of modern-day American and Western narcissism along with a relativism of morality layed on top of a New Age metaphysic.

In addition, since when is the "power" of positive thinking such a "secret"??

Craig Fletcher said...

Dear Oprah:

A friend of mine and myself both are very positive thinkers and we both have poured very positive thoughts and energy into the outcome of a debate we are having about a private situation we are both involved in. The problem is, we both want totally opposite outcomes.

Can you please reassure me that it will be me, and not her... that will get what I want? I should be allowed to cash in on The Secret in this case because I have read the book 13 times. Oh, maybe that's why? 13 is unlucky... I'll go read it again.


Sharon Mahopes

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


Perfect! What happens when two Cosmic Egoists collide?


Tom Hinkle said...

To me, "The Secret" is merely a secular version of the health-and-wealth (false) "gospel" and the "don't worry be happy" theology of the likes of Joel Osteen.

Craig Price said...

Here's the secret to "the secret"

1.Write a book telling people inane things that sounds easy and with very little work involved.

2. Give it to Oprah

3. Make money.

They've take all the action out of attraction. It's the "get rich quick" scam for the soul.

A positive attitude is great, but a healty does of negative thinking to balance things out is better.

Danny Wright said...

I agree Tom, this is Just another luxury of Western life. It's like having a remote for your mind; click, click, click... great, finally some happy thoughts. Whew