Thursday, February 01, 2007

Super bowl Party

The Curmudgeon Super bowl party is unlike any other:

1. You do not watch it.
2. You do not talk about it.
3. You do something constructive instead.

You abstain for edification.


Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

Hmmm. Interesting!

nancy said...

At least treat yourself to some Sunday afternoon junk food!

Jonathan Erdman said...

You do something constructive instead.

You abstain for edification.

Should we take the same approach towards sex?

Rudolf van der Berg said...

You wonder why people are not reacting to your proposals? Well, for the most part because they don't convey the same spirit as the evening has for other people. Everything you have pointed out is solitary, except for visiting the lowly (who are probably watching the game too). Heck, it doesn't even involve your wife. Phoning someone, thinking about Victoria's Secret Models and writing a letter are solitary actions that at least partially involve someone else. Phoning someone to edify them will most likely however annoy them, since they want to wacht the game.

Yes there are greater things to do in the World than watching the Superbowl. But then again, I'm willing to bet Jesus would be attending one of the parties. In the end he didn't mind a good party, brought the wine too and still found a way to edify the whores and crooks he hung out with.

It doesn't seem that either one of the 23 on the list are very edifying if you just do them to show off how much better you are then the rest. So lighten up, kick back, have a beer, talk to your wife and read a good book. Or go over to the neighbours, have a beer and after the game have a talk with them, that just shows those christians are not so tight after all.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

People need more solitude; and more conviviality, but not over football.

The idea of the Jesus who preached the Sermon on the Mount enjoying football is absurd.

"Blessed are the meek." Who in football is meek?

"Blessed are the peacemakers." Football is about war, pointless war.

And so on.

Clint said...

Dr. G,

You should check out This is a website intiated by the coaches to point their own glory to God (it even includes apologetic arguments and personal testimonies on the site). I think that these two men are at least decent examples of what it means for kingdom agents to be involved in coaching...that is, if a xtian can even be involved in such a sinful, wretched you seem to propose.