Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Jazz Awards

In light of the responses to my self-generated Curmudgeon Classics Awards (and because of other musings on music), here are more.

1. Utterly in his own transcendent category: piano: Thelonious Monk

2. Contemporary tenor saxophone: Michael Brecker (RIP)

3. Piano: Bill Evans

4. Fusion drummer: Billy Cobham

5. Fusion electric guitar: Alan Holdsworth

6. Fusion electric bass: Stanley Clark


Anonymous said...

Bill Evans.

I was glad to see Charles Lloyd on your other list...what about John McLaughlin?

john alan turner said...

With the death of Michael Brecker, I would pass the baton of contemporary saxophone to young guys like Mark Turner or Chris Potter.

Drummer: Cobham was the pioneer, but what about guys like Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta?

Fusion guitarist: Mike Stern or John Scofield.

And Stanley Clarke's School Days is still in rotation around my house. But so is Jaco. It's hard to say which is better.

Oh, there are too many for a list like this! The Grammys can get away with awards b/c talent among pop musicians is scarce.

But Jazz musicians linger and get better and the space between the number one and number two person is so slight.

nancy said...

I'm hardly a jazz aficionado, but I love "pure jazz" on Sirius. I can say that if you are in the "Motor" city, Bert's Marketplace is the jazz hotspot. They also serve up some darn good vittles. If you are headed to Montreal, check out "Upstairs."

Pilgrim in Progress said...

I am glad to see you added Thelonius Monk. Let's not leave out Charlie Rouse on sax, who had some fantastic chops to go along with Monk's amazing talent.

In the early 80's I saw Art Pepper (sax, clarinet) playing with George Cables (Piano), they will always be near the top of my list of greats.

Also in the early 80's I saw Jay "Hootie" McShann (piano) and Claude "fiddler" Williams together. These two were Kansas City Blues/Jazz legends who recently passed away.

Jazz guitar? I have got to go with Joe Pass.

Oscar Peterson - stellar on the piano.

Catez said...

Thelonius Monk definitely.
Tommy Flanagan did some great stuff too.

Travis McGowen said...

Amen to Monk and Evans