Thursday, January 11, 2007

Under Age (Not a Serious Post)

The Sun City West vice squad came by the house today because a neighbor reported us for living here while under age. One must be 55 or live with someone 55 to be a resident here in Sun City West (a "retirement community"). Happily, I don't look 55; neither does my wife. I explained that we were "tenants" and were leaving soon. He apologized and wished me well.

Apparently, some people were worried that the neighborhood was going to seed. "Who is that fat guy with the stubby legs biking so fast around here all the time?! Time to call the cops! He's dangerous." There goes the neighborhood. And we are going back to Denver.


Anonymous said...


Who do you think your kidding? As a real estate agent, I know full well how property values can be effected by your kind...Those that know you well, are fully aware what caused the call to the vice squad. It wasn't so much the fat and the stubby legs as it was the dark socks with the sandals that caused you to be tagged! Ha....

Paul D. Adams said...

When I first moved to a neighboring "Sun City" many comments were made such as: "Are you visiting your parents?" "Staying long?" "Where are you visiting from?" etc. Many of these were harmless, but some were less than civil. For instance, one of the most interesting altercations was when I was lap swimming in one of the pools and an elderly gentlemen insisted that I sign up for the lane (he didn't seem to care that there were two empty lanes available). When I responded with an inquiry about where to sign up, he challenged my residency and legitimacy for being here, at which point I said that I was a resident. Angrily he retorted "You're a resident and don't know the rules!" Feeling my philosophical roots (being wet in a pool does that to you sometimes), I rejoined "Are you aware of the epistemological implications of postmodernism!? I'm sure there are some things YOU don't know either!!"
He went off ranting with fists clinched.

The neighborhood has gone to the philosophers!

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


I don't do that any more (I think).

Ray said...

Kind of the opposite of Logan's Run.

Kevin Winters said...

That's not unusual for Sun City West. They like their community the way it is; the large majority move there for exactly that reason. There have been a few casualties, though: grandparents who inherit grandchildren that are not amenable to the "retired" life (complaints from neighbors); men who, late in life, marry women who are very much their junior; etc. For better or worse, that's how things have played out in that community's history.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


We finally agree on something! That is the dynamic here. The more upscale American communities seem to be increasing segmented or "themed." The theme here is "I'm retired. Treat me thus." I was called a "baby" by one woman, but in good humor. I later used that as leverage to get a pass to use their recreational facilities.

Maybe America is turning into one huge "theme park"--the Disneyfication of everything.


What is "Logan's Run"?

Rudolf van der Berg said...

Came past here trying to find out what a Curmudgeon is, because Bruce Scheier said he wanted to be one. Nice blog. Hereby the answer to your Logan's Run question. Haven't read it yet, but it's as distopian as Fahrenheit 451, which is about a society without books.'s_Run

This article is about the 1967 novel and certain adaptations. For the 1976 film, see Logan's Run (1976 film).

Logan's Run is a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. Published in 1967, it depicts a dystopian future society in which population and the consumption of resources is managed and maintained in equilibrium by the simple expediency of killing everyone upon reaching a particular age, thus neatly (and, according to the story's moral, "inhumanely") avoiding the issue of overpopulation which was of growing concern at the time. The story follows the actions of Logan, a Deep Sleep Operative or "Sandman", as he "runs" from society's lethal demand.

Ray said...

Logan's Run is a 1976 movie starring Michael York that takes place in the 23rd century, at which time, due to population controls and limited resources, you can only live until you're 30. Should you decide to escape your fate by running, you are pursued by Sandmen, of which Logan is one. He later becomes a "runner" himself.

Not a great movie, but I thought of it in contrast to Sun City West. I suppose the exurbs are for those of us aged 30-55.