Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Intimidation from Muslims

[This is from Expatia, a French Publication.]

Teacher who attacked Islam: 'alone and abandoned'

PARIS, Sept 29, 2006 (AFP) - French anti-terrorism authorities Friday opened an inquiry into death threats against a philosophy teacher who has been forced into hiding over a newspaper column attacking Islam, legal officials said.

Robert Redeker, 52, is receiving round-the-clock police protection and changing addresses every two days, after publishing an article describing the Koran as a "book of extraordinary violence" and Islam as "a religion which ... exalts violence and hate".

He told i-TV television he had received several e-mail threats targeting himself and his wife and three children, and that his photograph and address were available on several Islamist Internet sites.

"There is a very clear map of how to get to my home, with the words: 'This pig must have his head cut off'," he said....

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Craig Fletcher said...

... and why is it that Islam is critiqued as a religion of violence again?

Imagine if Christians responded to criticism this way in today's world.