Thursday, August 17, 2006

Haunted by the Pain Wrought by Evil

I was arrested and am now haunted by a voice played on NPR today. It was the voice of one soon to become voiceless, because she would soon die at the hands of mass murderers. This was a recording of a frantic women calling the New York City police after her Twin Tower was hit by an airplane used as a missile on September 11, 2001.

She was high up in the building, above the mark where the demon-piloted plane exploded into her building. The smoke was billowing and the temperature rising. "We are burning up," she cried. The police operator valiently tried to calm and console her... But that woman was never seen or heard again.

Why does this haunt me? Why should this haunt you? It revealed the soul of a human ravaged by evil, evil done to her--while she was at work, minding her own business, never expecting terror to doom her.

Although it was nearly five years ago, and while debate rages on how America should respond to the war declared against America by Osama be Laden and his vermin, we must not lose our resolve to stand against this evil. The evil that deliberately targets civilians, the evil that rejoices in their deaths and torments, this evil done in the name of a false God. That same evil targeted ten airplanes for destruction over the ocean on their way to America. It was foiled; but they remain.

We are in the vortex of nothing less than a battle for civilization. Let that haunt you. The battle is all-encompassing and multifacetted. Worldview is pitted against worldview. Before some men are beheaded other men are deluded and desouled by deadly lies. This is philosophical, theological, spiritual, and military warfare all rolled into one.

Will you stand for the truth that sets people free? That truth is Jesus Christ. His way is liberation, in this life and beyond. It is the way of love, service, and sacrifice. Christians may be martyred, but their martyrdom is not through suicide/homicide. They overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. The most heinous men can repent and find new life and real love.

But the Ameircan state, with its God-given power of the sword, must also stand against its enemies. It must see evil as evil. It must respond to evil and never placate or tone it down It, too, must be haunted by the last words of an innocent women about to die because she lived in America.

I am writing this late at night on a tiny keyboard. I should be preparing for other things. I have no time for anyone to edit this.

I am haunted by this evil. I will not forget it. I will remember and act accordingly, God helping me.


Craig Fletcher said...

I converted this to a word document and sent it out to many.

Vicki said...

I heard a similiar voice on my car radio the other day, and it grieves me still. Thanks for this post. You worded exactly what's racing in my soul as of late.