Friday, March 17, 2006

Dr. Ronald Nash has died

Evangelical philosopher and prolific author, Ronald Nash, has died. Just a few days ago I read several chapters in his excellent introduction to philosophy, Life's Ultimate Questions, and thought of contacting him to thank him for such clarity and wit in writing philosophy. (I am teaching an Introduction to Philosophy class for the first time.) Now it is too late. I was accepted into the MA in philosophy at Western Kentucky University in 1984, where he was then head of the department and where he served for many years. However, since the school did not grant a Ph.D. in philosophy, I decided to attend a school that did: The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Over the years, I have read many of Dr. Nash's books on subjects ranging from Augustine, to epistemology, to economics, to philosophy of religion, to social issues. Here are some I recommend: God and the Greeks (formerly titled Christianity and Hellenistic Culture), The Word of God and the Mind of Man, Social Justice and the Christian Church, Life's Ultimate Questions, Is Jesus the Only Savior? and Faith and Reason. Dr. Nash was a crystal clear writer who advocated a Christian worldview that was Reformed, rational, and engaged in the great ideas of the ages and today. His criticisms of leftism and empiricism were especially telling. Let us mourn his death, thank God for his life, and emulate his intellectual dedication to his Lord and Savior.


Steve Cowan said...

Sad news! I did not hear of Dr. Nash's passing until I read your post. I too was influenced and helped by many of his works. The church has lost a true hero of the faith.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just started read some of Dr. Nash's works and listening to his audio libary. I have been so very blessed and I'm sure the Lord will continue to use what Dr. Nash did during his time on the earth.

Until we meet with the Lord