Monday, January 30, 2006

Cell Freeze

It's hard. I forget to take the cell phone with me. Then I take it with me and forget to turn it on. Then I forget to call when I'm supposed to. My wife wrote out 2/3 of a page of detailed instructions for the thing; bless her, but I'd rather read other literature. I hope I don't accidently flush it down the toilet, drop it in the dishwater or the soup, or use it as a drum stick on my electronic drums.


Anonymous said...

Several years ago, a sage real estate broker of mine, upon hearing such complaints from new agents, had a sympathetic response… ”wah, wah, wah.” It took me perhaps 3-5 years to keep from the same problems you’ve outlined, not to worry, it will eventually become an essential appendage, ha… Just think about this, you’re a quick study, it may only take you 2-3 years to master the almighty cell phone. I would suggest insurance on the critter, as they don’t swim well in toilets and sinks full of water.

Chris said...

The very first day I had my very first cell phone, I did indeed drop it in the toilet.