Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is very serious: If you want to be a faithful and godly Christian in college, you must, you must, set up an alternative curriculum giving you some kind of Christian perspective on what you are studying. That means: read more books! But first, you need a philosophy of the Christian mind. On that I strongly recommend several books: JP Moreland, Love Your God With All Your Mind, 2nd ed; James Sire, The Universe Next Door, 5th ed. On a very beginning, but profound, level read John Stott, Your Mind Matters. Then: out-think the world for Christ.

Oh, and if you are really interested, consider our Apologetics and Ethics MA at Denver Seminary.

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Mike said...

Why? Wouldn't it make more sense to learn from a neutral perspective then later reconciling what you've learned with your beliefs?

It seems that learning from a Christian perspective would actually hinder you in both your faith & your education. It seems that if you deny something due to your Christian perspective, or you find that an aspect of your faith cannot be reconciled with something you learn than you'll have deeper, more profound issues to deal with. These ultimately will lead to stronger knowledge, in both your faith & your education.