Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some Thoughts on Social Media, Self-Promotion, and Christian Ethics

Several Facebook folks have recently criticized me for promoting myself or for being egotistical. This leads me to reflect a bit on the matter.

I am responsible to made good on the gifts God gave me, to not bury my talent or hide my lamp under a table. Since I am a teacher and writing, I need to get the word out. I am driven by my conviction that Christianity is true, rational, and pertinent to all of life, that Jesus is Lord of all.

I am also a sinner, so I may at times promote my own work too much or present things on Facebook that are not fitting. (Sometimes the etiquette is difficult to fathom.) Please bear with me. Strong criticism that judges my motives, given by strangers is hard to swallow, I must admit. It is rude. But even rudeness may speak the truth.

However, I view social media as a limited means to get out the message of my work and other things I think are worth thinking over--or even just worth laughing at (doggies).

Therefore, I will continue to try to use this medium to its best. Please help me with your comments and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Netiquette is human. Thanks for sharing a human story. Your awesome! Great Netiquette!

Weekend Fisher said...

Er ... I'm so bad at tact. But I'll give it a shot.

1) I read you because you have interesting thoughts and are clearly Christian.

2) I come by this blog less often because ... well, what you said. It's enough that it has bothered me and affected my reading habits (= whether I click on the link to this blog, any particular day). You and several other blogs on my short blogroll; it's not like you're the only one who does it. But some of the others, I'm not actually sure whether they're Christian. If we're exalting someone, I'd rather see Jesus exalted.

I just broke the "people who live in glass houses" rule; I have no justification in criticizing others, but that you asked.

For goodness' sake feel free to delete this comment after you've read it. I have no wish to speak ill of you.

Take care & God bless

Michelle said...

I thoroughly dig your posts on Facebook. I'll admit, for a supposed techno-phobe, I would have anticipated less proliferation from you on FB, but I enjoy all of it. You have an eclectic range of postings- from jazz music to border collies, philosophy to politics, excerpts from the Book of Common Prayer to recommendations/reviews of some of your favorite authors, and yes, promoting your own writing. What author wouldn't do that?! You wrote a book (books) to say something and you want as many people to hear the message as possible. I say, kudos. Obviously, the heart must be examined, but you're right about making good on the gifts God has given you. Cheers!