Wednesday, March 07, 2012

On Third Parties

Stan Van Sant: Voting for a third party candidate is like peeing your pants. It may make you feel warm for a bit, but in the end it leaves you cold.


ChrisB said...


Seriously, though, a third party vote is in reality a vote for the candidate you want the least.

Ransom Culhane said...

But voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Thus, the case for not voting.

Sirfab said...

Perhaps, but if people don't start consistently voting for third parties on account of the fact that it's a wasted vote, we'll always be stuck with the two-party system which is serving us worse and worse with every election.

Then again, being from Italy, I'd say this to those who think a third party is the way to go: Be careful what you wish for. The third party is hard to get, the fourth a little easier, the fifth easier still, and soon enough you end up with hundreds. Then your problems are just as bad, only more complicated.

All in all, though, the bums in Washington need a wake up call, even if takes decades. We won't get there ourselves, but we can lay the groundwork for future generations.