Saturday, July 16, 2011


This blog averages about 350 hits a day. I will do the following experiment to see if I can increase hits. This is a test. This is only a test:

Lady Gaga
Hot mama
Nude ants
Casey Anthony
Obama birth certificate
Katy Perry
Elvis is alive

This is only a test.


D. A. Armstrong said...

It got me to click on it.

Rey said...

I have your blog on my RSS reader and I'm cracking up at this post. I hope you report the amount of hits you get.

Paul D. Adams said...

Hardly a day goes by that someone does not click my post “Does the Bible Teach a PoNR Principle”. It gets far more hits than I expected. Since there’s hardly a large number of comments, I suspect the activity is due to the fact that “PoNR,” spelled slightly different, could read like something entirely unintended. Sad. The acronym never crossed my mind that it could mean anything other than what I intended.

By the way, I click on every post on your blog simply because you're my friend.

hobie said...

Nude ants only attracts perverts and Keith Jarrett fans. (For those of you keeping score, I am the latter.)

hobie said...

Nude ants only attracts perverts and Keith Jarrett fans. (For those of you keeping score, I am the latter.)

hobie said...

Nude ants only attracts people with insect fetishes and Keith Jarrett fans. (For the record, I am the latter, and the more appropriate expression is new dance.) Tawdry attempt at hits, Doug. Yet funny. Still, please don't work this into a pilot exercise supporting church growth.

Douglas Groothuis said...

My test failed. There was no increase in hits.

Mr. Guthrie said...

Perhaps if you put them all in the title you would get an increase in hits.

Rudolf van der Berg said...

If you want to know what brings people to your blog, have a look at the statistics Google provides. Quite simply put, your blog doesn't rate high enough in any of the topics you mention. Therefore when you do mention them, chances are low that they are relevant. Furthermore you employed a trick that Search Engine Optimisation tricksters have long used and therefore it gets demoted in the search listings too.

All in all if you really want to rise to the top of the listings on Google and other blogs, you have to write articles on a particular topic that enough people find interesting, so that they will link to it. This will teach Google that your blog is worthwhile in that particular topic. Like offline, focus and dedication gets rewarded on the internet.

Mrs. Kearns said...

Just curious Dr. G about how you feel about CBE, a group you support so strongly, being associated with such liberal, and unorthodox causes.

It seems CBE is beginning the slippery slope into liberalism.

Douglas Groothuis said...

Mrs. K: I see nothing about CBE in that Economist article. Neither my wife nor I are members of CBE. But to our knowledge, their doctrinal statement is orthodox. So, I don't know the basis of your accusation.

We, of course, do not support all the beliefs or practices of every CBE member.

Frieda said...

CBE had a booth at the festival. I just saw the notice on Denny Burk's blog. There was also someone talking about Gnosticism being promoted by CBE.

It surprises me to hear you are not members of CBE as I thought you had been quite involved with them I years past.

Sorry to sidetrack things, but I am intrigued to hear more from you on this.

Douglas Groothuis said...

This was tongue-in-cheek. I am not really trying to increase hits this way. I wrote or post what I think is important and let the stats be what they may.