Monday, July 25, 2011

From Carl Henry, God, Revelation, and Authority, Volume 6, concluding paragraph of the book.

God who stands and stoops and speaks is God who stays: He it is who preserves and governs and consummates his cosmic purpose. But the awesome wonder of the biblical revelation is not his creation and preservation of our vastly immense and complex universe. Its wonder, rather, is that he came as God-man to planet Earth in the form of the Babe of Bethlehem; he thus reminds us that no point in the universe is too remote for his presence and no speck too small for his care and love. He came as God-man to announce to a rebellious race the offer of a costly mercy grounded in the death and resurrection of his only Son and to assure his people that he who stays will remain with them forever and they with him. He is come in Christ incarnate to exhibit ideal human nature and will return in Christ glorified to fully implement the Omega-realities of the dawning future.

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Jim Swindle said...

I lived for one quarter in a seminary apartment over Dr. and Mrs. Henry. I tried taking a course from him, but dropped it when I realized it would be too much work for me to translate my notes daily into simple English that I could understand. Yet I have fond memories of seeing this elderly couple, the Henrys, walking hand-in-hand across the campus. I also realize, to my surprise, that I'm now as old as he was then.