Friday, April 15, 2011

Michele Bachmann

This is the woman who should be the next President.


Bill said...

Maybe, but it’s too bad she’s not better at history

1) She incorrectly stated that the Revolutionary War was started in New Hampshire—when it was actually Massachusetts.

2) She incorrectly stated that the Founding Fathers in the Constitution “worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States”—actually the opposite, slavery was in the Constitution. That issue wasn’t resolved until the Civil War, which occurred decades later.

3) She incorrectly blamed the Hoot-Smalley Tariff on FDR and for worsening the depression—when actually Hoover, a Republican, was in office when that was passed.

4) She claimed it was an “interesting coincidence” that we suffered a swine flu scare during Obama’s term and the previous swine flu scare happened on Jimmy Carter’s watch—actually the swine flu scare of the 70s happened in ’76, while Gerald Ford, a Republican, was in office.

Just like the quote says, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Michele Bachmann seems to get her information from Jon Kyl.

I expect more from a Presidential candidate—the Republicans can do better than Michele Bachmann.

Where's Dwight Eisenhower when you need him?

Douglas Groothuis said...


Can you prove this?

Small historical errors are not that important; perhaps, she merely misspoke on some things.

If she was this wrong, that's not good, but I still like her more than any other candidate.


Bill said...

Yes, those were all well-reported, recorded, not taken out of context, and recent comments stated by Ms. Bachmann.

I understand that people make mistakes and there are some in the media who are out-to-get certain people and agendas, but I think we should expect our elected officials to have an accurate working knowledge of American history, and not twist historical facts in inaccurate ways.

Confusing States can be an honest mistake while public speaking and probably isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Incorrectly blaming legislation on the rival political party is a cause for concern. Not understanding the history of slavery and what the Constitution/Founding Fathers said about slavery is a problem. And accusing-while not accusing-I’m just saying it’s a coincidence, regarding swine flu (incorrectly, mind you) is a political cheap shot that no party or candidate should stoop to.

TheGroothuisFactor said...

Michelle Bachman said:
"In Libya, we do not know who the opposition forces are. There has been testimony and information that indicates that Al Qaeda and Hezbollah may be present. They are terrorist organizations. For the United States to go into Libya only to potentially help Al Qaeda gain a foothold and have access to a sustained source of revenue from oil, that would be a mistake of historic proportions."

This is an incorrect analysis.

Hizbullah is a Shiite movement of southern Lebanon. There are no Shiites in North Africa, where almost all Muslims are Sunni. Hamas is a Palestinian movement and does not have a branch franchise in Libya. The people of Benghazi and Misrata, together amounting to 1.3 million, the backbone of the liberation movement, are not al-Qaeda, which is not a mass movement. In fact, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is like a few hundred guys and is an Algerian organization.