Friday, April 15, 2011

Leaving Dirt Place

Please read the advertisement for Jonah Haddad's book, Leaving Dirt Place: Love as an Apologetic for Christianity, to which I wrote the foreword.

Here is something from that foreword:

"While humans speak of love, yearn for love, give love, receive love, and have their hearts broken (and break other hearts) by the manifold betrayals of love, the very fact of love is often unexplained or (worse yet) explained away by philosophies that cannot bear its bittersweet weight. Haddad, however, does not shrink from this daunting task, but rather marshals the theological and philosophical resources required to set forth a compelling case that only the Christian vision of existence can give love its proper meaning, value, and significance—even (or especially) amidst all the tears, blood, and fears of a world 'east of Eden.'"
—from the Foreword by Do
uglas Groothuis

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Dan said...

I am often accused of being unloving and as a consequence I've begun to meditate on the word. I have concluded that others assign a different meaning to the word than do I, a meaning that is much more interested in the here and now, the material world, self-esteem, and avoiding division and contention, to name just a few.