Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mirada Fine Art Gallery

Today I visited the Mirada Fine Art Gallery in Indian Hills, Colorado, with two friends. The building is a restored log cabin, which is nearly as interesting and compelling as the art works displated within. The gallery has two floors, a fine sound system, and ample space to walk and behold the paintings, sculptures, and woodworkings. The curators are warm and friendly. This space can also be used for dinners and other festive events.

The artworks varied in size, style, and focus, with quite a few mixed media pieces. Our party of three thoroughly enjoyed it all. I commend this gallery to you. Unlike galleries on Santa Fe in downtown Denver, Mirada is alone in the mountains, which confers upon it a certain solitary charm. Yet it is not that far from the greater Denver area, and is well worth the drive.

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steve@miradafineart said...

Thanks for stopping by Mirada Fine Art! We enjoyed meeting you. Hopefully some of your readers will check us out as well! Thanks again.