Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please listen to this woman

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann on Obama's State of the Union Address.


Ken Abbott said...

You probably already know that Rep. Bachmann is taking a real pummelling in certain segments of the broadcast/cable media. MSNBC has been complaining all week about CNN's decision to televise her speech.

Constantine said...

Thanks for posting this. It was beautifully done.

Mr Veale said...

To be honest, not at all what a Brit would expect from a Tea Party broadcast! The arguments about deficit, unemployment and corporate tax all seemed perfectly reasonable. One or two points seemed overstated - I'm pretty sure that Obama didn't cause that spike in unemployment all by himself - but that's typical for a party political broadcast.
The only sticking point, to my mind, was the description of US Health Care as the "finest in the world" and the suggestion that "free market" solutions would produce a fair health care system. Still, Obamacare will, of necessity, have a big impact on the deficit. So it was a fair point to raise.

Not a bad video; and quite helpful for non-Americans trying to get a handle on what is motivating the Tea Party.


Mr Veale said...

And, yes, I know tribes of economists could dispute her arguments etc. My point is that it was an attempt to reason with the public. Hardly unthinking. Hardly populist.