Monday, August 10, 2009

"Reform" That Should Revolt You

Charles Colson writes a powerful piece today about the health care "reform" bill that would undermine religious liberty, individual liberty, endanger hospitals and doctors who do not perform abortions, and would require your tax dollars to support abortion on demand. This is now illegal under the Hyde Amendment.

This health bill is draconian, authoritarian, and unneeded. Real health reform is needed, but not something that makes health care a huge federal bureaucracy (covering 1/6 of the economy) involving rationing and the undermining of doctor's and patient's conscience. Please let your concerns be known to your representatives before it comes up for a vote after the August recess. So very much is at stake for you and your country.


Eternal Truths said...

Is there an actual bill up for vote or a bill number assigned yet, so I can go read this health care bill?


Scott said...

The LA Times reports: "Would the government start paying for abortions?

That's unclear. Neither House nor Senate versions of the healthcare legislation contains any requirement that federal funding be made available for abortions. Claims that tax dollars will be used for abortions, as a television ad from the Family Research Council contends, are premature and somewhat misleading.

But the legislation is short on many details. Depending on how regulations are written, some women who got federally subsidized insurance might be able to buy plans that cover abortions.,0,4908371.story

Here is one of the House's health bills:

Scott Grandi

Doug Groothuis said...

I find it hard to believe that the most pro-abortion president ever and the most pro-abortion party ever would not find a way to use tax dollars to support abortion once they get control of 1/6 of the economy. Abortion may not be there in red letters now, but it would end up there.

Don't be deceived.

Doug Groothuis said...

Moreover, you cannot trust the LA Times.

Tim said...


Go here.