Sunday, August 09, 2009

"The Cove" and Another Moral Topic

"The Cove" is a documentary, adventure, horror film about the plight of the dolphin, and especially about the dolphin killing cove in Japan where 23,000 of these creatures are slaughtered for meat every September. (It plays at Chez Artiste in Englewood through this Thursday.) A smaller number of dolphins are taken alive to become enslaved entertainers for humans. The film makes the case that dolphins are self-aware creatures of moral value who should not be kept in captivity or slaughtered for food. The film is hard to watch in parts, especially the latter scenes where the water turns blood red and the dolphins are speared to death. Cruelty is painful to watch.

This is a superb piece of film making with a cogent narrative and moral. (Listen to the interview with two of the principal activists in the film.) As I watched the resourceful team crack the secrecy of the killing cove to film these atrocities (this is what makes it an adventure), I wondered why at least some Americans with pro-life convictions do not marshal this level of intelligence and moral courage on behalf of the one million human beings legally slaughtered in the US each year. If Obama Care passes, your tax dollars will be paying for America's killing fields, because any abortion will be covered under that socialized system. The Hyde Amendment forbids this now.

What in the name of God, who made us in his image, can awake the conscience of the American people (or at least part of the Church) to the moral carnage of abortion on demand--soon to be paid for by everyone if the Democrats push through their draconian disaster known as "health care reform"?

Is there a remnant? Or perhaps a remnant of a remnant remaining?

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