Monday, June 05, 2006

Significance of June 6, 2006: None.

There is an article in The Rocky Mountain News today (6-5-06) about the significance of June 6, 2006, in which I am quoted. It almost makes it look like I attribute some significance to 6-6-06, but I spent much of my time talking with the reporter saying that the date has no significance biblically, although the number does in The Book of Revelation. That point did not come through clearly in the article. This is the chance you take with reporters, whose stories are sometimes edited in ways they don't like.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a good warning to any who might be under the misconception that reporters will (of course) have your best interest in mind. Several years ago I agreed to do a lengthy (10 minute) interview on Channel 4 TV, regarding having been a cult for 13 years. It was clearly understood that it was to be anonymous (my face was to be blacked out and my name not used). Ha…silly me…just the opposite occurred. As a result, two general principles helped me in future interviews. They are still no guarantee, but helpful…#1 always, have witnesses as to the parameters of the interview…#2 insist, if at all possible to make the interview a live one…not taped, as “cut and paste,” can be incredibly damaging to the real substance of the interview.

John Stockwell said...

I too, in my youth, agreed to talk to a reporter regarding a local earthquake. I talked to the
guy for an hour about earthquakes and the like, even wrote out table of things like energy
versus magnitute. Of all of that, he only used a tiny amount of what I had given him, and those he misquoted. My only consolation is that it was read and forgotten almost immediately by everybody but me.

As to the significance of 6 June, we should never forget D-Day.

Anonymous said...

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