Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My worst fears are realized:

American does not know how to think,
has no moral or political principles worth having,
is manipulated by images and slogans,
does not fear the idol of the State
does not give a rip about unborn children;
we will be taxes for their murders,
does not believe in its own God-given greatness.

American has no fear of God.
Without that, nothing remains, but a
persecuted remnant.

Everything will change, for the worse, for the rest of our lives. This was a turning point, and we turned toward Hell.


David Hyams said...

Romans 1 continues to be played out before our eyes. The corner has been turned, and I fear there is no going back for this once great nation. The Great Experiment has run its course. The free people's suicide is complete.

No matter; our calling is the same.

Christ is still on his throne and his church will not be defeated. His kingdom will advance. The whore of Babylon will be defeated. And he shall reign forever and ever!

David Schmitz said...

Professor Groothuis,

Perhaps you should re-read Augustine's City of God for consolation.


Dave Schmitz

The Atheist Missionary said...

Prof. Groothuis, I'm interested to know how you reconcile the fact that the countries with the most permissive abortion laws (such as the Netherlands) have the lowest abortion rates?

In asking this question, I want you to know that I would not describe myself as "pro-choice". I am troubled by the fact that unborn children have no rights. However, I am equally troubled by the fact that the philosophical argument in support of permitting women to have abortions seems pretty rock solid. Have you watched the debate between Peter Kreeft and David Boonin? It's lengthy but well worth the time:

Best regards from Canada, TAM.

Sam Harris said...

Well, at least you are being calm and rational.

Unknown said...

Jeremiah, I have no problem with your negative assessment of our nation's situation and will not counsel against your sayings. May I suggest that you use what little time we have left before the coming exile to give us advice on how to survive it, both in our thinking and our activities. Thank-you. Chris White

Maxine Schell said...

Some distant future society will discover abandoned, but still carefully preserved relics, the defining documents of a once potentionly good and great people; The Holy Bible , The Declaration of Independence and Tthe Constitution of The United States of America.

And, they will wonder "could it ever be ...?"