Thursday, August 09, 2012

For Romney (again)

One should be idealistic at the primary level. I supported Bachmann; then Santorum; then I was down to this:
Mitt Romney, Mormon, not very conservative or
The End of America.
This choice is simple and consequential. Obama said he would “fundamentally change America.” Anyone half-awake would have seen that as treasonous, since the ideals of the American founding (inscribed and enshrined in the Declaration and Constitution) are the backbone of ordered liberty under Law.
Obama does not believe in this. He is a progressive. anti-colonialist. He wants to cut America back to atone for its previous evils. The founding documents are fodder for social experimentation with Barack Obama as the Innovator and Conditioner (to pull terms from Lewis’s The Abolition of Man). This one man has already done much harm at multiple levels–to the economy, the military, and, yes, to morality (his support of same-sex marriage; and his edict that we all pay for abortions).
Anyone who loves America and wants us to have a fighting chance to recover from four years of political apocalypse will vote for the man who at least believes in basic American ideals, a man with a proven track record in business, who knows how to fix things, and who has some financial and military sense.
We are voting for Commander-in-Chief, not Pastor-in-Chief. Yes, Romney belongs to what is, theologically, a cult. But Obama is no Christian. He is either an ultra-liberal, apostate liberationist theologian or a closet Muslim. He shows far more sympathy and respect to Islam than to Christianity. Neither one are religious models, but Romney is clearly the best choice. Consider, the next President will:
1. Appoint Supreme Court Justices and many federal judges.
2. Be Commander-in-Chief of our military, which is shrinking under Obama.
3. Repeal or institutionalize socialized medicine. Once in place in a second Obama term, this would never be repealed. We would be trapped in a statist system of chronic scarcity, top-down control, and bureaucratic rationing.
4. Either stop the massive, unheard of and wasteful spending or get it under control.
Further, if Romney names a more conservative Vice-President (such as Rubio, please God), then that person may well become the next and far-better president.
In the name of God and all that’s good, vote for Mitt Romney.

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Troy Eckhardt said...

Sorry we didn't get Rubio - I was hoping and praying for that breath of fresh heir, too. Let's see how Ryan is. All in all, I get a better hollow thud when I thump this melon than I did when I thumped McCain/Palin four years ago.