Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bachmann on the Constitution

Michele Bachmann

The Constitution: Freedom Defined

Washington, Sep 17 -

Two hundred and twenty-four years ago today, fifty-five men presented one of the greatest documents ever conceived by man to the world. In only four pages, the Constitution of the United States set up the parameters for the greatest nation on earth and established a standard of democracy other countries have since tried to replicate. Using simple yet powerful words, the founders presented what was then a radical idea: a republic that allowed for an unprecedented amount of power to be given to its people.

Within the sacred words of this document is embedded a passion for liberty. It is evident that the delegates of the Constitutional Convention were not just concerned about establishing rules for the newly independent America; they were defining and protecting freedom itself. After losing thousands of colonists in the War of Independence, these men had the deep conviction that freedom was precious and liberty was one of the only ideas worthy of such a tremendous loss of life. In a single charter, our founding fathers manifested an ideal that has made this country the envy of the world.

Tragically though, over the years, activist judges and lawmakers have taken the Constitution’s sacred words and twisted them to include meanings the founders never intended. America, in several ways, has strayed away from our original moorings; so many have forgotten the words that guided our country’s greatness for so many years.

Yet we need not give up. The beauty of the Constitution is that it’s not just a document, it is an idea. As evidenced in history, the Constitution is always lived out best when a virtuous people take seriously the personal responsibility they have to make this country great. As we celebrate the Constitution’s anniversary today, let us remember the idea that inspired this charter of freedom and allow its words to once again inspire us to actively protect the God-given freedom it defines.