Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doug Groothuis Sermon on Line

My sermon at Castle Pines Community Church, May 9, 2010: "What Would Jesus Say to a Relativist?"


Wintery Knight said...

Here's the MP3 file:

I yanked it off their RSS feed.

Wes Widner said...

Bless you Wintry Knight.

I wish more churches and ministries would realize that not posting the direct link to the MP3 harms them more than a flashy media player helps them.

Steve Schuler said...

Hey Doug!

I just listened to your sermon on moral relativism. I think that you did a fine job of addressing the shortcomings of moral relativism, particularly with regards to its ultimate regress into nihilism which I agree is an ideology or perspective inconsistent with what most rational people would hold to be true and consistent with the human experience. I think that you are mistaken in creating the impression that contemporary culture/s outside of Evangelical Christianity have largely embraced or are guided by moral relatisvism. I came upon an article that you might find interesting that approaches this matter from a different perspective. If you are interested you can read it here:



Doug Groothuis said...


All the polling date I see says relativism is common, but I will try to get to the article.

Thank you for your comments. Am slow in responding, because I just got back from a week in Hungary. Best, DG