Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yearning for Liberia's Liberation

When I met Tony Weedor in 1993, I didn't even know that Liberia was a country. But I learned that Tony was from Liberia, an African nation founded by freed slaves from the United States. Tony was a student at Denver Seminary, having fled the civil war in his native country along with his wife and young daughter. The atrocities and horrors of that war and its aftermath are bone-chilling: beheadings, rapes, torture, and so on. Tony and his wife have lost dozens of family members to this senseless violence. Tony, Beth, and Abbie fled on foot for one year and were separated several times. They were then in a refugee camp for two years. While there, Tony read the collected works of Francis Schaeffer five times!

But God, through his mercy and power, brought them through it all. Tony graduated from Denver Seminary in 1997 and served with his family for four and half years in Ethiopia with SIM. They returned to the United States in 2004 and have been planning to set up an educational ministry in Liberia,now that the country has had free elections and that the country seems to have an honest president, the first woman president in an African nation: Ellen, "the Iron Lady." Nevertheless, the country is in ruins, with no infrastructure, and little hope, humanly speaking.

Tony is now in Liberia with a group of pastors from several American states. They are, not unexpectedly, experiencing multiple hassles and problems. The powers of darkness would like to hold on to Liberia (which means "land of freedom") and keep it from the light and liberation that only Jesus Christ can bring (Acts 4:12).

I am asking all my readers to visit the CenterPoint web site and to pray for this desperately needed ministry in Liberia. Please consider supporting it financially as well. Tony Weedor is a godly, wise, and intelligent man who has the requisite character and biblical worldview to help reconstruct Liberia from the ground up--and that is exactly what is required. Here is the CenterPoint web page:

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